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Sarolta G. DeFaltay
NCGR2 Certified

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"Sarolta has an intuitive grasp of the spiritual benefits
that are available through astrology and tarot. She
utilizes them as tools to encourage personal growth and
discovery, rather than as a crystal ball with all of the

- Staci Backauskas
The Fifth Goddess
The Nitty Gritty Tool Kit For Career Transition
Where Fat Girls Haven't Gone

"I HAVE FOUND LADY SAROLTA TO BE the most accurate astrologer I have encountered in my 15 years of serious mystical study. Her insight and knowelege into major as well as minor astrological influences is astounding.
Additionally, the knowelege I've gained from her classes
has tought me how to be a more effective magical practitioner, which helps me to increase the returns I receive from this special spiritual gift. I will continue to recomend her astrological services and Magical classes to my friends and loved ones who are interested in developing their knowelege."

- CM, Skokie, Il

I began studying with Sarolta three years ago and studied with her for a year. I got into witchcraft and astrology about six years
ago. I heard about her Magik classes through a friend who seen them advertised at the Occult bookstore; at first I thought, no, I
don't need classes ,I know everything there is to know. I can read books if I want to learn anything but curiosity and a yearning for something deeper and a desire and motivation to connect my practices with my spirituality were overwhelming me. I took the classes and it was the most amazing experience. Sarolta is truly a master and teacher of the Metaphysics and astrology. She knows what she's teaching inside and out and has a gift of teaching. I felt connected to her and the others in the class because of the incredibly positive energy she projects. I not only learned the technical side to spells and rituals but I was
encouraged, inspired and driven to delve deeper within myself to find the magik within, heal my life and help others. It was truly
one of the experiences in my life that connected me even more to others,nature and I realized with what I've learned is that her
ability to not only teach the techniques but help you find your owe powerful light as a magician helps you everyday to do your
best in choosing love over anger. I could never really describe the impact her classes and knowing her has had on me but I
would recommend anyone pursuing or even thinking about it to study with Sarolta! "

Blessings to all!
- MC, Chicago, IL

"Sarolta brings new life to astrology by showing how we can
use it to enrich our rituals, both for daily use and for those special occasions: (No Samhain rite is exactly the same!)
Her Astrological Guide pinpoints key configurations for the day, and suggests candles, scents, and colors to give ones devotions a little pizzazz. And she doesn't stop there. She has compiled all the correspondences in several handy appendices so that we
can tailor her suggestions to our own preferences, or perhaps
to substitute things we already have on hand. I wish I had
written her guide, but she saved me the work!"

- PH, Philadelphia, PA

"Your wisdom and encouragement helped to get me
through what was perhaps my darkest hour. You execute
your work not only with the sheer skill cultivated over a
lifetime, but with love and compassion. "

- JN, DeKalb, IL

"Sarolta's classes are packed with information delivered with
a comfortable, relaxed, unique, and lively wisdom!
Her classes encompass and acknowledge many traditions and disciplines, she encourages questions, self reflection, and gives students suggestions/resources for further investigation. I have had the priviledge of taking several classes with her, and would continue to do so when my schedule permits, I have recommended her classes to others, her astrological website contains a plethora of information and services, ritual kits, new moon calendars, many, many, resources in one spot!
Sarolta's website and the astrological info provided there, is truly one of my favorites!!!"

- LD, Chicago, IL

"Thanks for your help. And thanks again for your wonderful website. Because of the kind of information you make available for free, I am interested in paying for additional information from you. No other horoscope site has provided enough of the kind of information I want to see to make me even look at, much less consider ordering, any of their pay-services. Thank you for being different. "

- AG, Minneapolis, MN

"I have know lady sarolta for more than 7 yrs and have watched her advance into one of the most knowledgeable astrologer,/ healer. I practice an ancient african religion , and we use our deities to guide us, and everything I have been told by them sarolta has made clearer through her knowlege of astrology and spiritual awareness. i have entrusted her with my destiny at times.... where i am going and where I will be - she has been a great guide. "

ade eggun oya priestess