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A personal consultation can often help one find a new
way to look at present and future life events. By attuning
to our personal planetary cycles, we can better work with
the energies at hand.

A personal consultation with a trained astrologer is the best
way to get truly accurate astrological information for the
times ahead - it takes a trained astrologer to integrate
the entire chart, and interpret it as a balanced whole.

here's what Sarolta's students and clients have
to say about her services:

now in san diego!
After over 20 years in Chicago, I moved to sunny

San Diego in early May 2005 - on 05/05/05!
I have enjoyed meeting many of my west coast
clients in person.

see below for types of readings, rates and terms.

consultations by phone, tape or email -

often booking 1 - 2 weeks in advance;
all consulatations are pre-paid [see terms below].

Please let me know your specific concerns for your
consultation, and I will recommend the type of
consultation most suitable for your needs.

[in person, phone, taped or email]
add $5 for tape; includes postage

$75 for 60 min
$100 for 90 min

$40 for 30 min
$60 for 60 min

Astrology readings cost more because I spend at least 1-2 hours
looking over the charts before a reading; with tarot I don't need to
do any research before the reading. I also sometimes add tarot to
my astrology readings, if appropriate [some questions can be
answered with more clarity if tarot is used in addition to astrology].

all readings are prepaid - you can pay with a check or credit card
by using paypal. Once we agree on the type and length of the reading,
I will send you an invoice before starting the research on your chart.

If you are unsure how long your reading should be, email me with
your concerns and I'll let you know if I can address your personal
needs in the time you want.

planetary alchemy
types of astrological readings


interpretation of the birth chart, including soul lessons, as well
as strengths and challenges. Very spiritually oriented and
empowering - my goal is to help you focus on integrating all
the different aspects. How to work WITH your tougher aspects
in an empowering way, based on your chart.

$100 for 90 minutes

this is how you have EVOLVED from your natal chart to the
present - it is very indicative of an INTERNAL need for transformation,
as opposed to having it come from external influences [TRANSITS]. I
can combine natal, transits and progressed into a reading based on
your concerns - or give a more in-depth interpretation, depending
on your present needs and concerns.

birthday reading: solar return
this is the birthday reading - I like to combine it with transits/progressions
for the year - I would allocate 90 minutes, but if you want solar return
only, I can give basics in 60 minutes.

goddess astrology
This is in addition to a natal reading - where are the Asteroid Goddesses
in your chart, and how do they influence the rest of your chart? All my
readings come from a balanced, Goddess-oriented perspective - but this
email mini reading is specifically about the asteroid Goddesses. This is
not a computer generated report, but rather a hand written interpretation -
I spend a lot of time meditating on the mandala of the chart before I write
it out.

I combine this reading with progressions and your solar return chart
[birthday chart] and give to the highlights of the coming year. Very in-depth -
NOT a computer generated report!

1 year - $75 / hr. or $100 / 90 minutes

Synastry readings [comparing the two charts] and composite
[the chart of the relationship itself] - I combine both, to give an in-depth
reading based on your questions and concerns. Mini reading available,
but with a more specific focus.

90 minutes - $100

Considering a move to another city?
I will compare your natal chart to your relocation chart, to see what
aspects of your personality will be enhanced with any given location.
$30 per location.

Finding the best time for a marriage, starting a
business, or launching a new enterprise. A good electional
chart is like a blessing - it helps smooth out the rough spots
that all relationships and businesses are likely to encounter.
This takes a long time to prepare - looking at the charts of
many possible times - so it is $100 minimum.

ritual planning and timing
Based on your chart and your specific concern, I will construct a
specific ritual to work with your issue, as well as give you the
BEST time based on YOUR chart to perform it.

we accept paypal
[you can pay with credit card or e-check]

email me at
so I can verify the type and cost of your consultation.
send me a note about wht you want from the reading:
your concerns, special projects you are planning, etc and
I can help you find the BEST time to start your venture,
and let you know just WHAT I cn and cannot answer in a

Once we are agreed on terms, and we have discussed your
specific issues & concerns, I will
send you an INVOICE from
paypal, making it much easier to send your payment
[no need to sign up for a paypal account].

If you prefer to send a check, I will give you that
information once we are agreed on terms.

For more information, email sarolta at:

consultations by appointment
phone, email or tape

The consultation is prepaid.

It takes at least 1-2 hours to prepare for an astrological reading, so
cancelled appointments are non-refundable once I have done the
work to prepare for the reading.

If it is a phone consultation, Sarolta will call the client at the
time of the appointment and will pay the long distance fee -
so no extra charge for you!

please allow 2 -3 weeks for taped consultation.


here's what Sarolta's students and clients have
to say about her services:
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