What are the qualities of this house?

second house: personal values; finances and income; personal resources; security issues.

planetary ruler of the second house: Venus [Taurus]

What are the most effective rituals for this house?

rituals for: money and prosperity; a new job; comfort and security.

How does this lunar cycle affect you personally?

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Full Moon in Scorpio
Fri Apr 26th, 2002 at 10.00 pm cdt
[06 deg 41' Scorpio]


full moon forecast

2nd house forecast
libra sun / rising

Full Moon Overview:
This Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio,
opposing Sun in Taurus. This Full Moon period
will be extremely passionate and physical; the
Scorpio Moon opposing the Taurus Sun may
require balancing emotional possessiveness
with true inner power. The Scorpio/Taurus
polarity represents holding on versus letting
go, and is a predominant theme this Full Moon

The challenge is to allow them to work together
harmoniously; this can be tough, since emotional
energy is usually quite heated around the Full
Moon period, and many may be touchy and over-
sensitive. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt,
and use the intensity of this lunation to focus
on productive matters pertaining to your sign.

The Full Moon period signifies the peak of the
waxing Moon energy... a great time to focus on
spiritual, magical energies in order to direct
them through meditation or personal ritual. Many
also focus once again on the goals that were set
at the previous New Moon, and utilize the intensity
of the Full Moon to release their intentions to
the Universe with gratitude and respect.

Read your rising sign as well as your Sun sign,
for a more accurate forecast.

More advanced:
Look at your birth chart. Where does 06 deg 41'
Scorpio fall [what house]? When you figure it out,
find the corresponding forecast below [depending
on the degree, it will most often be found under
your rising sign, but sometimes it is for the sign
either immediately preceding it or following your
rising sign... so if your rising sign is Taurus, it
will be under Aries, Taurus or Gemini... but you
need to look at your birth chart first!]


Full Moon in the SECOND HOUSE
Be Careful how you handle your money around the FULL MOON, since your judgement may be clouded by an outmoded ideal. Focus instead on how you can make better use of your resources, and wait before making any major purchases. The Full Moon in your second house may find you more emotionally identified with your values than usual, or even strongly attached to possessions and material objects. Remember, it's not the object that's so important to you but the emotional content it represents. The second house also represents what you truly value, and you can now assess what is truly essential to who you are and what is not.

SECOND HOUSE : personal income, values, finances, resources, security issues, needs.

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