Look at the forecast for your rising sign as well as your Sun
sign, for a more accurate and personal seasonal reading!

More Advanced:
For best results, look at your personal birth chart to see
which house the degree of each asteroid placement relates
to, and then look for the corresponding forecast below
[by house position]. It is usually for your rising sign, but
depending on the degree of each placement, it could be the
sign immediately preceding or following your rising sign.

For example: your rising sign is Taurus. Look for the
corresponding house position in the forecasts for Taurus,
Aries [previous sign] or Gemini [following]; this is actually a
LOT easier than it sounds!]

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= LIBRA = [Sun or Ascendant] - dec 21st - mar 21st

CERES in the 5th house: You can now nurture yourself and others through creative activities and romantic adventure... bring out your inner child through laughter and games! Your soul can be replenished now through artistic activities and playing with children.

PALLAS ATHENA in the 4th house: The principle of creative intelligence expressed through intuition; you can now access the subconscious source of your inner wisdom. You can really create an artistic home environment now... start the holiday planning early this year.

VESTA in the 8th house
: The principle of focus and dedication expressed through deep interactions with others. The 8th house symbolizes deep spiritual and sexual merging; a time when sacred sexual practices can take you to the heights of ecstasy. A great time for ritual work and meditation concerning 8th house issues.

JUNO in the 11th house: The principle of spiritual partnerships and relatedness expressed through community, friends and like-minded others; you can now connect with different people and revolutionize the forms your relationships now take. Bringing different groups of people together to share a common vision.

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- Goddess Astrology - for the seasons
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september 22-october 23
Goddess Astrology
[dec 21 - mar 21]

What is "Goddess Astrology"?
There are many asteroids that are used in astrological inter- pretation that are named after the Goddess in her many guises. Discovering the asteroids and investigating their placement in the horoscope can add a deeper and richer interpretation of the way we express our "feminine" nature than by looking at the planetary placements alone.

Though there are many asteroids that are used astrologically, the four most commonly used are: Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta and Juno, now more commonly known as the "Asteroid Goddesses" [after the book by Demetra George].

I will give a brief outline on the basic energies associated with the four archetypal Goddesses, and then give each sign a general interpretation of what it could mean for you in the coming season. [For more detailed information on the Asteroid Goddesses, please refer to the bibliography at the end of this article].

I'd like to ask you to look at this astrology column differently than you might look at your "usual" horoscope...I look at astrological transits as magical and spiritual opportunities to CREATE your future, not as a series of "fated" events or specific predictions. Please try to look at the next season, and think about how you'd like to "shape" the future.

Your forecast for the upcoming season will give you a clue to specific areas that can be focused on, based on the ingress
chart of the Winter Solstice - exact Fri Dec 21st, 1.22 pm cst [Summer Solstice for those on the other side of the world] and
how the asteroids may affect your particular sign based on the
house position in the natural house system.

Remember: "The stars incline; they do not compel."


== CERES: The Mother -
Goddess of Agriculture

Keywords: principles of unconditional love, nurturing, self-esteem; working through issues of loss and grief; themes of transformation (death & rebirth); issues with motherhood, death and blood mysteries.

Ceres in Aquarius [at 05 deg 50’] a time for self-nurture through encouraging individuality and uniqueness in ourselves and others.

== PALLAS ATHENA: Warrior Goddess -
Goddess of Wisdom and Justice

Keywords: principles of creative intelligence; "father's daughter", social justice, artistic ability, healing power, confidence, strength; androgyny; kundalini, magical will, creative visualization.

Pallas Athena in Capricorn [at 11 deg 27’] bringing perception [Pallas] into concrete form [Capricorn]; powerful manifestation of visionary / creative ideas, making this an auspicious time for the magical arts.

== VESTA: Eternal Flame -
Goddess of Hearth Fire

Keywords: Focus and commitment; ritual; liberated sexuality; what you are willing to commit to; transmutation of the sexual force; sexual fears and guilt; fear of intimacy; purification; self-discipline; personal integration; what are you dedicated to?

Vesta in Taurus [at 29 deg 55’] a time for focus [Vesta] on earthly sensuality and artistry [Taurus]; a powerful time to dedicate one's energies to cultivating creative discipline and practicing visual, musical and magical arts.

== JUNO: Divine Consort -
Goddess of Marriage and Relationships

Keywords: spiritual relationships; sexual magic; intimacy and sharing; emotional attachment and possessiveness; projection, power struggles; giving away power.

Juno in Leo [at 29 deg 58’] energy for needing admiration through relationships; a time to make sure you are giving the necessary acknowledgement to your relationships.

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