What are the qualities of this house?

ninth house: expanding one's horizons, religious and philosophical concepts, travel, higher learning, legal activities, publishing, freedom.

planetary ruler of the ninth house: Jupiter [Sagittarius]

What are the most effective rituals for this house?

rituals for: travel, growth, legal activities, publishing, spiritual growth [Jupiter rituals].

How does this lunar cycle affect you personally?

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Full Moon in Libra
Wed Apr 16th, 2003 at 2.36 pm cdt
[26 deg 23' Libra]


full moon forecast

9th house forecast
aquarius sun / rising

Full Moon Overview:
This Full Moon is in the sign of Libra, opposite
the Sun in Aries.
The Aries / Libra polarity symbolizes:

personal interests vs. joint interests
personal identity vs. relating
selfishness vs. sharing
asserting yourself vs. compromise
charging ahead vs. maintaining balance

The challenge is to allow them to work together
harmoniously; this can be tough, since emotional
energy is usually quite heated around the Full
Moon period, and many may be touchy and over-
sensitive. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt,
and use the intensity of this lunation to focus
on productive matters pertaining to your sign.

The Full Moon period signifies the peak of the
waxing Moon energy... a great time to focus on
spiritual, magical energies in order to direct
them through meditation or personal ritual. Many
also focus once again on the goals that were set
at the previous New Moon, and utilize the intensity
of the Full Moon to release their intentions to
the Universe with gratitude and respect.

Read your rising sign as well as your Sun sign,
for a more accurate forecast.

More advanced:
Look at your birth chart. Where does 26 deg 23'
Libra fall [what house]? When you figure it
out, find the corresponding forecast for the
HOUSE, not your sun sign [depending on the
degree, it will most often be found under the
forecast your rising sign, but sometimes it is
for the sign either immediately preceding it
or following your rising sign... so if your
rising sign is Taurus, it will be under Aries,
Taurus or Gemini... but you need to look at
your birth chart first.]


Full Moon in the NINTH HOUSE
The FULL MOON period will bring heightened awareness and insight, and added depth to spiritual practices. Be careful, however, what you say or write, since it's possible you'll be misinterpreted. In your quest for knowledge, this month will yield abundant sources of information, if you are focused and persistent. The Full Moon is in your ninth house, where you may want to escape the everyday grind. You could be feeling restless, but you don't need to get out of town to get away. Try exploring something new... something that's always intrigued you, but you haven't made time for. Right now, it could be a very practical thing to do, since your spirit will feel renewed, and you won't feel so restricted if you know youcan always leave your worries behind... at least, for a little while, with the powers of your mind.

NINTH HOUSE: expanding one's horizons; travel, religious or intellectual learning, teaching, philosophy, legal activities, publishing.

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