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what's new? [march]

goodbye, moonspells...

the official launch of the NEW SITE will be
March 21st, 2007:

Spring Equinox / International Astrology Day!

see what we have so far at:


bookmark that site now, since the moonspells site
will come down sometime on March 20th... !

to celebrate the new site, I am offering the
at only $19.95 / year
[reg price will be: $34.95/year]
offer extended through March 20th!

-> see samples of all the ezines below!

$19.95 / year

NO OBLIGATION - cancel anytime if not
satisfied for a full refund!
All services & readings are GUARANTEED.

order now and I'll send you the weekend edition, too -
[which includes forecasts for every sign for the solar eclipse,
mercury enters pisces, and venus enters taurus 3/17-18]

NOTE: if you stay subscribed, your rate will not
go up for at least two years!

- If you'd rather subscribe QUARTERLY and pay $5.00
every 3 months, I will send you a link to sign up -
email me at sarolta@moonspells.com

- If you would rather NOT pay with paypal, email
me and I will give you an address to send a check to.


"what should I focus on?"
"when am I most likely to succeed?"

find "power days" and "down times"
with the moonspells premium ezine - and make the
most of your efforts through proper timing!

includes daily horoscope ezine,
daily candle magic ezine [sent once a week]
and seasonal rituals
[sent 8x a year]


with the moonspells premium ezine:

• daily astrology news - sent 5x a week M-F
[friday's edition covers the entire weekend]

• daily candle magic - sent once a week -
based on daily planetary activity!
[sent sunday night for following week beg. Mon]

• seasonal rituals - the "power times" of the year -
sent 8x a year- includes significant astrological magic!
Imbolc [Feb 2], Spring Equinox [mar 20-22], Beltaine [May 1st],
Summer Solstice [june 19-22], Lughnasad/Lammas
[jul 31-aug 2], Autumnal Equinox/Mabon [sep 20-23],
[oct 31], Yule [dec 21].

NEW! monthly calendar listing including: moon phases,
moon void times, planetary ingresses, retrograde
periods, and other pertinent planetary data!
for those who know the importance of planning ahead.

sent once a month to moonspells premium ezine
members, beginning april 2007.
ALL THIS FOR ONLY $19.95 for an entire year!

no obligation - cancel anytime for a full refund -
satisfaction guaranteed on ALL products and services!

[if you don't want to pay with paypal,
email me at sarolta@moonspells.com and I will
send you an address so you can send a check or money order.]

this is a subscriber-supported site -
thanks for keeping us alive since 1997!

we're changing our look...

21st century astrology
for the modern mystic.

visit PlanetaryAlchemy.com

we complete our metamorphosis
march 21st, 2007 -
spring equinox /
international astrology day!

astrology reports & charts
• personal consultations

email me! sarolta@moonspells.com