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You may notice that the spell for your sign is not on the exact date of the New Moon, but a few days after. The New Moon symbolizes an opening, signaling a time for increase up to the Full Moon, where the energy is at its peak. I try to choose the best time during the WAXING MOON cycle for you to perform your Lunar Magick, in accordance with astrological and magickal timing techniques.

       If you can't do it on the exact day I recommend, then try to do it as close to the chosen date as possible. Focus and a strong sense of determination are the most important ingredient for magical success (and patience!).

       Even if you don't feel the need to do the spell assigned to you this month, remember, it usually takes a few months for your magic to work, so this is your best opportunity all year to work on the goals of that particular house ! It can be very practical to plan the year ahead to assess the best times to initiate the goals of the astrological houses.

       If the New Moon is in your 9th house this month, then it will be in your 10th house next month, the 11th house the following month, and so on. [Note: though this is the way it usually goes, sometimes you may skip a house or you may have the focus on the same house 2 months in a row.... the only way to know for sure is to follow your own chart.... order the Beginner's Package for a copy of your natal chart, a lesson on finding where each New Moon falls in your personal chart, AND the next 13 lunations calculated for you!]

The New Moon won't fall in the same house until around this time next year, so make good use of today!

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