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How To Use New Moon Magic
The New Moon represents the beginning of the lunar cycle;
astrology has been used for centuries as a tool for prediction,
and a simple and practical way for anyone to follow their
personal cycle is to observe where the New Moon falls in their

       Following the path of the New Moon through the natal
houses can give an indication of where the focus will lie, not
only as far as external events, but what to expect on a
psychological level as well. By observing the lunar cycles, you
can attune to the spiritual aspects as well as the practical,
following the Moon as it passes through each of the twelve

       Each one of the astrological houses represents a
particular domain in the querent's life, and by focusing on the
energies of that house, it can be an auspicious time to start
new projects or deal with the everyday issues of that house.

       If you have a copy of your natal chart, look to see what
house the New Moon falls in (sign and degree).
Read the
forecast that corresponds to your personal chart. If you do not
have a copy of your chart,
order here. We have a new
Beginner's Package available that will not only give you your
natal chart, but a lesson in finding the New Moon in your chart
(plus we'll calculate them for an entire year for you as well, as
you're getting the hang of it! )

       It is a good idea to look ahead for your year... if the New
Moon is in the FIRST HOUSE this month, then it will probably
be in the SECOND HOUSE next month, and so on... you have
to look at your own chart to determine where the New Moon
falls. [Note: sometimes you may skip a house, or have the
same house 2 months in a row, depending on your personal

       For a more detailed look at how it transits your
INDIVIDUAL birthchart, consider ordering
personal astrology
for help in interpreting it, or personal consultations
available via email or phone.

       Otherwise, your Sun sign forecast for today is determined
through the placement of the lunation and planets of the
transit chart using the Natural House system.
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