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(Questions sent by subscribers to the Moonspells Newsletter for Sarolta)

Q: Should certain types of candles be used in the magic circle? If so, what kind and any idea where they could be purchased?

A: I like to use the glass encased candles (called 7-day candles) since they are large, and unlikely to tip over. I use one for each direction, and re-use them whenever I cast a circle. They can be found at BOTANICAS (Latin herb/magic shops) here in Chicago... but you can use any kind of candles that are available if you can't get these. We'll soon be offering supplies on our site as soon a we get e-commerce going!

Q: I was told by two different people last year (in person), one an astrologer, the other, a psychic, that a woman has placed an evil curse on me which will prevent me from love, happiness, and wealth in my life. I was told she paid a lot of money to do this and it was done by someone very old and wise from another country. Is this a possibility? Right now, itsure seems like it. If so, can this curse be removed? I am a very positive person, but the last year has been so sad and difficult for me. I would appreciate any input or direction you might suggest on this.

A: First off, did these so-called spiritual practitioners tell you they could take the curse off for a fee? This is the oldest scam in the book, and it gives legitimate practitioners a bad name.
If you believe you are cursed, then you'll eventually create it by your own fears. Sometimes the negative thoughts of others can negatively affect others... so I'd recommend spiritual cleansing practices and building psychic shields.

A good book I'd recommend: Psychic Self-Defense and Well-Being- by Denning & Phillips (Llewellyn Publishing)
Someone "wise" would never put a curse on someone, since magical practitioners believe that whatever you do, for good or ill, will return to you threefold, so why would they do it? Those that do are power hungry, and not working within the true laws of the universe. Many eventually go insane from their own delusions of power.

Unfortunately, anyone can CALL themselves an "astrologer". Try to go to someone who is certified by a reputable organization such as NCGR or AFA, or call your local Metaphysical bookstore to get a recommendation.
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