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eclipse dates 2007

Eclipses are opportunities for major transformation; this is the time when the energies of the lunations are more amplified and focused.

Solar eclipses always occur on the New Moon, and Lunar eclipses occur on the Full Moon...The eclipses reflect the lunation they correspond to, but they're much more intense and their effects are more long-lasting.

Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse
Sat Mar 3rd 2007 at 5.17 pm cst [13 deg 00’ Virgo]

New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse
Sun Mar 18th 2007 at 9.42 pm cdt [28 deg 07’ Pisces]

Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse
Tue Aug 28th 2007 at 5.35 am cdt [04 deg 46’ Pisces]

New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse
Tue Sep 11th, 2007 at 7.44am cdt [18 deg 25’ Virgo]


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