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the astrological houses

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Beginnings, the personality, the physical body, personal affairs and ventures.

SECOND HOUSE: values, personal income, finances, resources, security issues, needs.

: siblings and neighbors, communications,
writing, speaking, research, everyday transportation,
written tests, study, short trips.

home life, parents, remodeling, relocating, clearing old business, plans for the future.

FIFTH HOUSE: romance, arts, entertainment, creativity, children, investments, gambling, fun.

SIXTH HOUSE : health, habits, routines, jobs and employment, diet, service to others.

SEVENTH HOUSE : personal and business partnerships,
marriage; cooperation, teamwork; people with whom you
need to cooperate; open enemies.

EIGHTH HOUSE : joint resources, financial dealings with others, legacies, inheritance; merging, death, sex, surgery.

NINTH HOUSE: travel, spiritual / intellectual scholarship, teaching, philosophy, legal activities, publishing.

TENTH HOUSE: authority figures, parents, career, honors, business, public acclaim.

ELEVENTH HOUSE: group activities, networking, friends, hopes and wishes, earned income, goals, community.

TWELFTH HOUSE: solitude, introspection, research and investigation, therapy, the subconscious realm, psychic abilities, dreams.


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