moonspells charts

please email your birth 
data with all paypal 
chart orders: 

name on chart • date of birth 
city / state / country of birth 
exact time of birth 
[if unknown, a sunrise chart  
will be constructed] 

NEW! child / teen report 
for parents - yes, kids DO 
come with instructions! 

basic chart wheel

beginner's package
 new moon lesson / 

natal chart 
the next 13 new moon 
house placements 
calculated for you! 

birth chart interpretation 
printed and web versions 
[35 - 45 pages]

 1 year personal forecast 
 [75 - 95 pages] 
 WEB version: only $20 a year
 PRINTED version: $50 a year  

 relationship reports
synastry report:
  comparing the two charts
  [28 - 35 pages]

composite report:
the chart of the
  relationship itself!
 [28 - 35 pages]

body & soul reports:
holistic astrology
medical astrology:
 herbs, flower essences

karmic & pathological tendencies
  [38-50 pp

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