here's what they're saying about the magical astrology guide:

" This will be the third year I have used your Astrological Guide. It is invaluable and wouldn't be without it. Have been consistently using the
Archangel Purification Ritual and never fail to get "chills" down my arms and spine. It alone would be worth the combined price of the yearly
guides. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge. I am a Hospice RN and feel it really enforces my aura so I can help my
clients without being drained. Again Thank You! "


" I received my Magical Astrology Guide for 2001 today. It's the first one I've gotten, and I'm more than pleased with it! Not only do you have good, all-purpose magical and astrological information, but there's more specialized things, too--rituals, incense, colors. I like how you help the reader to focus each Moon on his or her own chart, and to use the planetary influences in a personal way. Your Appendices are a compilation of everything I other books, in scattered places...but all
at hand. This isn't so much a "Guide" as a "Workbook". When you asked me, on page 7, to list my natal house associated with each Moon, a light
bulb went on! I suddenly realized that this was the clue to organizing my magical work in a coherent, integrated manner. Thank you so much for
compiling this Guide! "


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Moonspells Magical Astrology Class 2007:
includes everything from the BASIC package - but I will mail you a copy of your birth chart and calculate all the new moon placements for 2007
for you myself! - $ 24.95 / year

to order by check, email me at


Magical Astrology Guide 2007
©1997-2007 sarolta g. defaltay

=== 8th ANNUAL EDITION! ===

NOW AVAILABLE as an online class!

those who enroll in the class can access an online
version of the guide, ask questions and discuss the
material wirth other class members.

PERSONALIZED RITUAL: when you enroll, I keep a folder of your chart and those of other class members - and answer questions for ritual based on your OWN chart!

I AM working on selling the 2007 Guide on -
I am behind because a bad cold set me back - but a
hard copy of the book will soon be available, Goddess willing!
You do NOT need to purchase the hard copy of the Guide to participate in this class, since an online version of the important material will be accessible to class members.

• you should register for the BASIC class membership if you already have a natal chart and know enough astrology to be able to find a specific degree in your chart.

• If the above paragraph is "Greek" to you, register for the BEGINNER class membership and I will send [via snail mail] your natal chart, and also calculate all the new moon placements of 2007 for you! Make sure you send your birth data and mailing address to [birth data needed: date of birth, exact time of birth, place of birth]

Once you sign up, you will be sent an invitation to join a private class list called "Moonspells Magical Astrology Class". You will NOT be automatically billed for the next year's cycle once 2007 is over.

Magical Astrology Guide 2007 includes:
[NOTE: a hard copy of Magical Astrology Guide will NOT be included in the price of the class - but you will have access to an online version that you can print out. I will let you know when you can order the entire guide thru - either a bound copy, or pdf version]

charts and instructions for following the
  new moon through your own natal chart

• candle rituals for 365 days based on astrological  alignments

• planetary rituals for the 8 seasonal holidays
[sabbats] based on current planetary energies!

• planetary aromatherapy, herbs and oils, incense

• monthly spells - new moon magic for every sign

• meditation & ritual - angel magic, house blessings, more

• complete appendices & planetary hours guide

moonspells classes

Moonspells Magical Astrology Class 2007: BASIC
includes: access to all classes, rituals and information from the Magical Astrology Guide and membership to a private class / discussion list for all of 2007, where you can ask questions and learn from other class members! - $19.95 / year