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planetary spellkit [abundance]
Rituals for abundance, growth, honors, business, expansion,
travel, higher learning, law and courts, justice.

All kits are prepared by hand according to corresponding
planetary cycles and lunar phases
and include everything you
need for your ritual. Spellkit items can also be purchased

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JUPITER Ritual Kit - $22.00

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Jupiter, Planet of Expansion [Thursday's ruler]
Thursday's magic involves expansion in all forms;
the vibration of Jupiter corresponds to growth, learning,
law, business, spirituality, religion, philosophy, and
expanding your horizons in all directions... be careful,
though, there is a danger of going overboard with this
vibration! According to ancient folklore, the royal blues
and purples and the scent of nutmeg or cedar share
Jupiter's vibration, and can help one attune to the gifts
of this "Planet of Expansion".

= The first hour after sunrise on any day corresponds to
the planetary energy of that day, so the first hour after
sunrise is always a great time to plan for meditation or
ritual to attune to the day's planetary vibration. =

Remember, the magic exists within YOU, and these
magickal products are only TOOLS to help you attune
to a particular energy, based on magickal tradition.
They are made according to the instructions of well-
researched sources - see

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Jupiter Ritual Kit Includes:
all k
its include full instructions
• 3 floating, scented candles
• jupiter oil • jupiter incense
• jupiter bath blend & ritual herbs
• medicine bag • 2 stones

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