Working with New Moon Magic Effectively

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The New Moon represents the beginning of the waxing cycle, a time to perform rituals of increase
. Each month's new moon falls in one of the twelve houses. The domain of the house where the new moon falls is the major focus of that month's waxing cycle. Rituals perfomed during a waxing cycle are at their most potent.

As an example, a love spell performed during the waxing cycle while the new moon is in the seventh house [relationships, partnerships] is the most powerful time all year to perform the spell and manifest your goals.

That is why it is so important to know where the new moon falls in your personal natal chart every month and time your rituals to coincide with houses that are meaningful to your personal goals.

If you have a copy of your natal chart, look to see what house the New Moon falls in (sign and degree). Read the forecast that corresponds to your personal chart. If you do not have a copy of your chart, order here. We have a new Beginner's Package available that will not only give you a copy of your natal chart, but includes a lesson in finding the New Moon, as well as the next thirteen lunations calculated for you by hand.

If you don't know which house the new moon falls in your chart, the forecast for your rising sign is usually more accurate than your sun sign. Use your sun sign forecast if don't know your rising sign. The most accurate forecast and best use of new moon magic lies in knowing the house in which the new moon falls in your personal natal chart.

New Moon in Aries
Tue Apr 1st, 2003 at 1.19 pm cst
[Sun / Moon conjunction 11 deg 38' Aries]

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