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What are the qualities of this house?

ninth house: expanding one's horizons, religious and
philosophical concepts, travel, higher learning, legal activities,
publishing, freedom

planetary ruler of the ninth house: Jupiter [Sagittarius]

Ninth house question:

What attributes do I need to develop in order to foster growth and
expand my horizons?

What are the most effective rituals for this house?

rituals for: travel, growth, legal activities, publishing, spiritual

How does this lunar cycle affect you personally?

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New Moon in Aries
Tue Apr 1st, 2003 at 1.19 pm cst
[Sun / Moon conjunction 11 deg 38' Aries]

new moon magic
[how to]

9th house ritual
leo sun / rising

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The New Moon is the time to begin new projects;
whatever house it transits in the birth chart will
be the prominent theme for the month. Usually, the
twelve houses are "visited" by the New Moon around
the same time each year, and when the New Moon
transits the First House, it signifies the querent's
Lunar New Year, and the beginning of a new cycle.

This marks the Lunar New Year for the sign of Aries.

The New Moon in Aries represents energy,
enthusiasm and new beginnings...

Aries is a sign known for strength, initiative, and
courage; Mars, the ruler of the sign Aries, represents
the "warrior" archetype, and is a powerful planetary
energy to invoke when one needs courage as well as
focused leadership. Aries is ruled by the element of
fire, so matters ruled by that element can be a focus
now as well.

Matters ruled by the fire element: light, illumination,
energy, spirit, heat, life, will, healing, sexuality,
purification, banishing illness, contests, creativity,
protection, success, strength, candle flames, sun,
deserts, volcanoes, explosions, courts, law.

Following the path of the New Moon through the natal
houses can give an indication of where the focus will
lie, not only as far as external events, but what to
expect on a psychological level as well. By observing
the lunar cycles, you can attune to the spiritual
aspects as well as the practical, following the Moon
as it passes through each of the twelve houses.
Each one of the astrological houses represents a
particular domain in the querent's life, and by
focusing on the energies of that house, it can be
an auspicious time to start new projects or deal
with the everyday issues of that house.

Read your rising sign as well as your Sun sign, for
a more accurate forecast.

More advanced:
Look at your birth chart. Where does 11 deg 38'
Aries fall [what house]? When you figure it out,
find the corresponding forecast below [depending
on the degree, it will most often be found under
your rising sign, but sometimes it is for the
sign either immediately preceding it or following
your rising sign... so if your rising sign is
Taurus, it will be under Aries, Taurus or Gemini...
but you need to look at your birth chart first.]

This New Moon cycle signals a time when
you can access your inner resources and
begin projects to bring your spiritual life into
your everyday reality. Intense clarity is
possible, as long as you are willing to look
truthfully at your beliefs, and resolve to
exemplify them. The New Moon in your ninth
house may find you needing time to reflect,
and feeling like you need to "get away from it
all". The problem is, you don't feel like
leaving the comfort of the familiar, so these
urges are difficult to balance. A good time to
begin a course of study that expands your
mind, that way you can stay surrounded by
the familiar (Moon) while expanding your
horizons (ninth house).

NINTH HOUSE: travel, religious or
intellectual learning, teaching, philosophy,
legal activities, publishing, expanding one's
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