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Today's Candlemagic
Saturday March 19th
[full moon: waning phase begins]
2.10 pm edt
Full Moon in Virgo
Sun/Moon opposition
[Pisces, Virgo at 28 deg 48’]
Pisces/Virgo polarity: service - balancing practical needs with spiritual ideals

aqua candles for Pisces [orchid]:
compassion, imagination, spiritual ideals

navy blue candles for Virgo [lavender]: details, health, habits, service, holistic

in which house(s) does this degree fall in your personal chart?

The candle magic meditation rituals are a GREAT way to focus on and direct each day's planetary energies - what opportunities are you ready to meet head on?

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NOTE: you do not NEED candles - they are just something to focus on.... you can use your imagination if you can visualize! The subconscious really LIKES to 'play' with symbols, colors, and scents, and the colors and scents shown correlate to the planetary energies of the day. Experiment, play, and see what happens!


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tue mar 22nd, 2011

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tue mar 22nd, 2011

moon in scorpio


28 deg 12' pisces
19 deg 44' virgo
15 deg 57' aries
20 deg 16' aquarius
19 deg 01' pisces
12 deg 01' aries
15 deg 05' Rx libra
00 deg 24' aries
29 deg 29' aquarius
07 deg 23' capricorn

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